What to know before getting your eyebrows tattooed?

It’s a good thing that we are living in modern times where the beauty and cosmetics industries are so developed that there is a solution for everything. Especially when it comes to the delicate parts of our face, such as eyebrows. If you are struggling with this issue of thin, unequal, and non good-looking brows than the answer is eyebrow tattooing. The quick search of the phrases “Eyebrow tattoo near me” and “Eyebrow / Cosmetic Tattoo Perth” will lead you directly to Collective Cosmetic Artistry and for all those of you who need help with your brows, CCA have got you covered. As a cosmetic studio we offer eyebrow tattooing as one of our services, also called Feather Touch Tattoo or Powder Brow, it is our most required service. However, before getting your eyebrows tattooed, here are some things that you need to know and expect.

Get informed and be prepared

Do your research, feel free to contact me or you can alternatively book in a consultation appointment with Collective Cosmetic Artistry where I will explain to you the entire process in more detail – what to expect, what not to expect and the before and aftercare!

Eyebrow tattooing is not permanent

Although this procedure does not require you to come in for regular touch-ups, as it is not permanent makeup. Once you do tattoo your brows, the longest you can go without getting them done again is 2-3 years or you can let them fade out, it all depends on your skin type, lifestyle and what you are after.

It is a process that takes time and hurts too!

Reaching the best eyebrow look usually requires two sessions. The first session lasts for about 2 hours. The second one comes after about 4 weeks, which is the perfect time to see how the ink reacts to the skin and what is missed. Tattooing hurts, especially on the delicate skin on the face so the aftercare is very important.

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Your skin type matters

Different skin types react differently to the pigment ink. These reactions mainly result in the change of colour, which is in fact, a process of pigmentation. It can affect the Microblading/ Feather Touch strokes and make them blend, giving a powdery look to your brows. After the first week, the pigment colour will also change, this is due to the absorption of the ink into the skin.

Your brows will not be identical

Nothing in the world comes in perfect symmetry, so your brows will not come be 100% symmetrical either. That is due to the structure of your face, bones in the head and it is important to know what to expect before you get your brows done as it is not so simple and straight forward.

These are the most common things that you need to know about eyebrow tattooing, so whenever you are ready, Collective Cosmetic Artistry are expecting you!

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