Lip Blush/Sheer Lips

If you’re looking for full and refreshed looking lips, lip blush is the way to go. This procedure of semi-permanent makeup is a true representation of how ‘less is more’.

Eyebrow microblading and eyeliner tattoos have been fashionable for years, while tattoos on the lips have recently begun to gain popularity. Cosmetic tattooing is advancing and can now be a less invasive alternative to lip fillers.

With this treatment, you won’t have to worry about reapplying lipstick or having it smudge when sipping on your drink. You’ll be waking up to tinted lips for several years.

What is lip blush/sheer lips?

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This service adds very natural-looking pigment to the lips with a tattooing machine, giving the lips a youthful and tinted look. This technique creates symmetry of the lip shape and evenness is achieved while creating more defined borders for fullness.

Unlike old-fashioned permanent lip tattoos, sheer lips use organic pigments with a modern approach, that fade gradually over time for more natural results.

The lip blush service costs just $299.00 and will leave lasting results for up to several years depending on your skin type, amount of sun exposure and your lifestyle.

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Do you need touch-ups?

The treatment requires 2 initial sessions 4-6 weeks apart. The tattoo will gradually fade over the course of 1-3 years, so touch-ups are recommended every 6-12 months to maintain the fresh pigment.

Is there downtime?

The healing of sheer lips takes about a week, while the tone finishes developing after about two weeks.

Swelling should be expected after the treatment as it is a tattoo but will decrease after a few days of the session. Scabbing is also likely to occur a few days afterwards while the skin heals.

How is the colour/shape chosen?

The pigment is carefully chosen to match your natural lip colour. The aim is to add your lip shade to any areas where pigment may have been naturally lost over time, especially around the borders.

A thorough consultation will always be held with the client to make sure the results match the client’s expectations and aspirations. The consultation will also include a discussion about the desired shape and shading of the lips.

What will the appointment look like?

After the consent form is signed and the consultation is held, the specialist will begin to outline the lips with a lip pencil for a general idea of the border.

Numbing cream will then be applied to reduce sensitivity for the procedure and may cause a slight tingling sensation.
The technician will then line the shape of the ‘new’ lips and allow for any final changes to be made in regard to the shape and border.

The actual tattoo can take place after thorough discussion of the final goal, leaving your lips looking refreshed and filled.