What the Heck Is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Eyebrow tattoos are a technique where new hair like strokes are made to fill in thin or sparse eyebrows. It is important to know that it is not a permanent eyebrow but it is known as a semi-permanent brow, and most people need two sessions to complete it.

You need to know eye-tattooing depends on your skin type because some tend to maintain ink better than others, for example, oily skin can experience pigment hydration, and the pigment will blend together and eventually look like eyebrows that have been filled with powder instead of individual strokes.

After getting your eyebrows tattooed, you have the healing process. It takes approximately 14-30 days to heal. After healing the colour can go very light, but for it to fully set in, it will take up to a month. Since healing is different for every individual, it’s necessary to go for a touch-up session after 4-6 weeks. Touch session allows your brows to be refined and ensure they look perfect and the colour can be retained for up to a year.

Eyebrows tattooing is affordable. However, there are factors to consider such as access, the costs, location, the experience, and quality of your specialist, variety of the facility, and techniques to be used. These are the cost variables for doing eyebrow tattooing.

The most important thing to value is the quality of the service you will get. Beauty doesn’t come cheap, and the same applies to tattooed eyebrows. The actual procedure can come at a cost. Do research and be ready to spend for quality results.

People with sparse or nonexistent brows are swayed because the makeup retains the eyebrow look for a long time, without having to fuss with brushes and eye-pencils every day. In Perth, the eyebrow tattoo is entirely safe when done by a skilled person. Using sterilized tattoo needles is essential.

Doing tattooing takes a short period of time, and there is a degree of pain involved. There are many eyebrows tattooing reviews that show the pain is worthy for satisfying results and after the application, the eyebrows look natural.


The eyebrow tattooing process requires patience to heal. Following the instruction given by the specialist, it’s essential, it will fasten the healing process, and you will enjoy quality results. The costs are not the same, and they vary with location, specialists, services, and quality. It’s an ideal beauty task that will serve you for long and it is worth the cost.

Eyebrows tattooing is a new improvised technique that is seen to serve best. It is painful during application and takes a short time to heal. It requires a retouch which is scheduled regarding the condition the eyebrows are in after the first session. It is important to get your eyebrows tattooed by a qualified specialist, who is also convenient for you. For quality services, please contact collective cosmetics today and get the best service ever.